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I have to retake the 2V0-622.  I used MeasureUp, and though it helped in the learning process, I don't think any of it was used for this test battery.  I don't think I could have studied more, but the questions were just not what I expected. At least I know what I need to study for the next go around. I may wait until some useful practice exams come out.

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I'm with you Matt, I decided to go ahead and use the measureup practice exams for my VCP6.5-DCV certification.  I felt the quality of the practice exams was way below the standard I was expecting.

After I passed the exam I wrote the folowing as part of my learning experience;

"From a very basic point of view, I don’t understand why the practice test has a different number of questions than the real thing.  The exam is 70 questions, the practice test 85.  It might be a minor thing but still annoying, it is not a certification simulation if the parameters are different!  Also, with the exam scoring being based on the 300/500 values, why is the practice test setup and scored in %, with an arbitrarily set value of an 80% pass rate?  Most importantly, I also believe that the difficulty and complexity of the questions was not comparable to the exam.  In my opinion the VCP-DCV 6.5 exam goes into an incredible amount of detail in any number of technologies that make up the SDDC stack.  In my opinion the MeasureUp practice test only really scratches the surface and does not go into the granular detail that passing 2V0-622 requires."

To be honest I found the quizzes on Simon Long's blog VCP6.5-DCV Practice Exams - The SLOG – SimonLong/Blog and materials from trancender to be of a higher quality.


Thanks for your feedback guys. I won't be wasting money on the prep guide.

I will continue studying before i take my exam.

I have access to the Learning Zone and the Enterprise Learning subscription which helped out a lot.

I completed the following courses so far but i have to do more studying on my own for sure to pass this exam.

VMware vSphere: What's New [V5.5 to V6.5] - On Demand Content

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.5] - On Demand Content

Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Do you have to pay each time you retake? Or do they give you a number of retakes?

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VMware Employee

Unless you have an exam voucher which includes a free re-take - which training companies offer on occasion - you would need to pay for each attempt.


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