vCHS Early Access for VCDXs

Greetings VCDX-Holders across the globe:

We've giving early access to the vCloud Hybrid Service to a selection of vExperts and VCDXes. There are a very limited number of seats. We will give a preference to (a) active bloggers and (b) people who propose interesting scenarios to test.

Please use this submission form for your application and proposal:

The deadline for submission is Sunday, June 23. We'll go through the applications Monday and notify you in the next day or two if you've been selected. We're sorry that we can't let the entire vExpert and VCDX groups in, but we want to give the early access participants enough horsepower to play with constructively. For project proposals, we don't have anything in particular in mind, although we are fond of demonstrating hybrid scenarios. If you have a anything you'd like to try the feasibility of or demonstrate with a combination of your on-prem lab and a large vCloud-powered data center in Las Vegas, this is the place to let us know.

There will be a mandatory briefing on Thursday, June 27 at 9am PT where our friend Massimo Re Ferre and the vCHS team will introduce us to the data center resources they are generously providing us. The early access program will continue on until the VMworld time frame.

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