The NEW Community VCDX Mentoring Process!

Fellow Community Members,

I am proud to provide a much-needed update on what has become known as “VCDX Mentoring”.  Many people have come to Karl and I asking about being assigned a mentor.  After much consideration, feedback, and discussions with the new VCDX Advisors, we have decided to do something a little different.  We believe the mentoring program will be more fluid, adaptable, and successful if it is managed by you, the community, rather than owned and controlled by VMware.  This is intended to help mentor you through the VCDX Defense Process assuming you have already completed your VCAP/VCIX Test Pre-Requisites.  It's entirely up to the mentor, but this is what we've recommended to them.

Why the change?

  1. Mentoring is a personal relationship, initiated and developed by one individual asking another to be their mentor.  It’s not something that should be “assigned”.
  2. The two people involved (mentor and "mentee") can ultimately foster the relationship as they determine best.
  3. The VCDX program leaders can focus VMware resources more on the strategy and execution of the program’s success and growth.

Who are the available Mentors?  

We will provide a list of VCDX holders who have volunteered to help out as mentors.  This is something they are doing on their own time, and they will ultimately decide who and how many people they can mentor. You can find the up to date mentors on the NEW VCDX Directory using the "Mentor" flag.

VCDX holders interested in volunteering their time as a mentor can be added to the list simply by enabling the check box on their profile through the new directory's self service option.  There is NO TIME limit on when current VCDX's can sign up to be a mentor.  I want to thank those that have already stepped up to be a volunteer prior to this announcement.  Each of the volunteers have agreed to follow some very basic Mentoring Guidelines.

UPDATED Note:  It has always been stated in the Panelist Code of Conduct than panelists are not available as mentors.  This is also documented in the Mentoring Guidelines above.  However, we are looking into a possible change to the policy whereas "retired" panelists after a certain time may become eligible to be mentors.  However, until that time any and all previous and current panelists are identified in the directory and cannot enable the self service tag to be mentor.  We hope to have more on this in the coming months now that the directory is live.

How does having a Mentor help?

All mentors have been through this process. They understand what you will experience and the work involved. They have been given some basic guidelines as to what they should and should not be doing as mentors, as well as “Mentoring 101” materials to help them.  Having a mentor is having someone to guide you; they are not there to do it for you.  It’s entirely up to the mentor to provide the level of guidance they feel is appropriate.

How do I get a mentor?

That’s 100% up to you! You simply need to look at the New VCDX Directory, filter for mentors, and decide whom YOU think you might connect with best.  The relationship between you and the person you are asking for help is very personal.  Maybe you know someone on the list, maybe you greatly respect someone on the list. Drop them an email and start the discussions!

We hope this will grow on its own through the community. We will make sure the list of available mentor volunteers stays updated.  We will also post new mentoring resources as they become available that will help the mentor and in turn help you.  Outside of that, it’s between you and your new mentor to decide what works best to help you succeed.

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Thanks for update.

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Since the new VCDX Directory is now live with the 'Mentor" flag available, we'd like to ensure that everyone signed up on the previous spreadsheet is tagged as a mentor.  Going forward that is going to be the system of record and we will retire the sign up form and spreadsheet.

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