Test Plan, Verification Plan, Implementation Plan and Standard Operating Procedures

When I've been involved in VCDX Bootcamps we sometimes get asked what needs to go into the required Test Plans, Verification Plans, Implementation Plans or Standard Operating Procedures. These are the documents that form part of your application package, but aren't the architecture design itself (although could form part of a single document). These documents support the implementation and verification of the solution that you've designed. Their critical documents as your solution couldn't be successfully implemented or verified to be functional and meet the customers requirements without these documents. How you present these documents, and the information you include in them is up to you.

While you won't get any specific feedback from the bootcamps on you're design, we can give generic suggestions. So here is a suggestion. What you should think about with regards to these documents is this:

How does what you've provided support what is required in the blueprint and the application?

How would someone, who is minimally qualified to operate the environment, perform what is necessary as part of those documents?

What improvements are required to the documents so a minimally qualified person could use them, but someone that may be unfamiliar with the environment.

Remember that you're design doesn't just have to be good enough, you have to be able to defend it. Plus you must perform in the other aspects of the VCDX defence also (Design and Troubleshooting scenario). I'd highly recommend a study group, mock defences, and going through the VCDX Bootcamp material as part of your prep (Buy the VCDX Bootcamp Book, listen to the recordings, download the bootcamp slide deck). The whole idea is that a VCDX can be dropped into any organization, any environment, any size, anywhere in the world, and be successful, and successfully architect a solution. So you need to demonstrate broad enough and deep enough skills and experience, based on the requirements of the blueprint, to be able to do that.

If you're going through the VCDX process I hope this help. Maybe I'll meet you at a VCDX Bootcamp somewhere, You never know. Good luck, and may you learn a lot along your journey. You can never learn less, and learning is probably one of the most valuable rewards of working towards VCDX.

Kind regards,

Michael (VCDX-066) @vcdxnz001

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