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Pilot VCDX Fast Track Course Available in California, Sept 15-19

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) Fast Track

This intense hands-on, Masters Level training course equips experienced VMware architects with the knowledge to defend an IT Infrastructure design for the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification defense process and for infrastructure design projects. This course also equips architects with the knowledge to improve their design, create a presentation, and complete the VCDX scenarios.

VCDX Fast Track is for VCDX candidates who have completed all prerequisites for VCDX certification and have a finished design that they plan to submit. This class is a mix of lectures on VCDX IT Infrastructure Design Methodology and working sessions related to the candidate's design and presentation.

Students work with others to review and refine their design and to prepare for a real VCDX defense session. VMware recommends that you remove confidential information from your design before attending the class. You will conduct a mock defense of your design at the end of the week. You will present your defense slides and participate in design and troubleshooting scenarios.

This session is limited in size to 20 to 50 participants and 3 to 6 instructors.

Register online.

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