Information about VCDX Mentoring Coming This Wednesday!

Karl and I, along with the VCDX Advisors have finally worked through the specifics for VCDX Mentoring.  We've given the current VCDX's a head's up via email this weekend before we announce the rest of the community, but this Wednesday I will be posting a thread that will serve as the official announcement and process going forward.  As you can see Karl and I are working hard to wrangle many things and get them re-established as fast as we can so that folks can continue on their path to VCDX.  There will be many more things coming before the end of the year and into the beginning of 2015.  So everyone knows the following will be our ongoing communication cycle:

  • Internal Discussions with VMware VCDX Holders about topics
  • Discussions with VDX Advisors about topics
  • Decision(s) are made regarding topics
  • VCDX Holders are notified of any decisions regarding topics
  • Community VMTN public post regarding topics
  • Blog posts, tweets, Social Media as needed

As you can see in the spirit of transparency, we have even established a system of communications for anything we do going forward on topics we can in fact communicate out.  Some topics will not be reviewed with the Advisors, like Defense dates or program specific items, and in turn some things will not be communicated out to the public.  However our goal is WHAT we can share, we WILL share via this structure process to get the information out in the right order.  The first of which will be the public VMTN post about Mentoring coming on Wednesday!

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