In case you had not heard...there is a new VCDX Evangelist

Hey everyone!  I know a LOT of people saw my blog post, but if you didn't there is a new VCDX Evangelist in the house! That being said I am still in transition mode, BUT the support on this role for me has been unreal!  People have already sent over their thoughts on improvements, as well as offering to help i any way they can.  Remember there is still a new Program Manager that is needed, and that is NOT going to be me.  My role is to be a conduit to the community as well as provide input to the process/program itself. My ask is this: - Keep the feedback coming!  If you want to email it to me great, I will keep an Evernote by person's feedback to grab highlights and roll up to the program team - If you want to help just let me know I am tracking a different list of people that want to offer cycles Lastly, I want to get the community involved right away so I will be setting up some Google Hangouts at various times and posting them here for CURRENT holders to join.  We can record them and use them for more feedback as well as a platform for me to just get connected with many of you.  I want to kick this whole thing off as best I can so stay tuned for more 🙂 If you don't know where to find me, Twitter is probably best 🙂 Twitter @CColotti and @VMwareVCDX

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