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Implementation, Install and Operational Guide - How long?

As part of the VCDX documentation, it looks like we also need to include:

Implementation plan

Installation guide

Operational procedures

Test/validation plan

How long and detailed should these be? Separate documents each or part of the main design?

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These should be separate documents and need to be submitted along with Architecture Design.

How long they should be - there is no rule. Depends on your design, technologies, products and components used. 

For instance the operational procedures or implementation guide should cover everything that will be required to implement and them operate your environment by the VCP-level person.  Whether you include screanshots or not or put it into a table, etc - again that up to you. IMO it have to be readable, and usable to achieve the goal it was written for.

Just think about a real environment that someone deploys for you and then you need to operate - what would you expect to get / require to operate it in the future?


Having said that there is no single pattern / framework to follow. Hope that helps at least a little bit 🙂