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Blogging Opportunity for VCDXs

Blogging can be a great way to build your reputation in the industry, but it takes a commitment that can be difficult to maintain with busy schedules. If you’ve ever thought about blogging but weren’t sure if you had enough to say, or could stick to a regular schedule, we have an option for you. Write for us!

If there’s enough interest from our VCDX community, we’d like to start a regular “VCDX Guest Blogger” feature on the VMware Education & Certification blog ( ), but we need you to make this happen. You can write on any topic you like, as long as it’s cloud, virtualization, or VMware related (no movie reviews please Smiley Happy). Write once a month or once a quarter, whatever fits into your schedule. We’ll post it to the blog with your name and bio, then syndicate it out via our Social Media vehicles to help spread the word.

If you’re interested, please email Jill Liles at

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Hi Jill,

While I already have my own personal blog, I'd be happy to contribute to this inititive.

I'll send you an email with my details so we can discuss.



Josh Odgers | VCDX #90 | Blog: | Twitter @josh_odgers
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