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I'd like to get some good information, discussion and opinions to help choose which VCAP path to take.   Any links you want to post are appreciated.  At this point I have VCP and I don't want to puruse both the DCD and the CID certs - just one of them.   At this point I've ruled out DCA.

-What are the advantages and disadvantages, carrer-wise of both of these certs?

-Is VCAP-CID too locked in to just focusing on vCloud director?  Would the study process for DCD be better overall learning?

-Which cert has a better future?


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I think the best way to answer is to look at who you are working for -

If you are working for an end user with no plans fo implementing a cloud environment then I would say VCAP-DCD would be best for you since it will provide the broadest coverage of the VMware Datacenter virtualization suite. However if you company is considering a move to VMware based cloud than the VCAP=CID might be beneficial because  you will than be exposed to VCD and the other components that make VMwares Cloud offering.

If you are working for a Partner - I would consider the VCAP-CID because the theme form all teh vendors and VMware is the cloud is where everything is going and your company if not now will soon need the Cloud knowledge/expertise in house.

Just my 2 cents

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I see the datacenter and (private cloud) paths really close (and I think that they could become, in the future, a single path).

If you start from scratch point on the cloud path that is more complete (it include also datacenter concepts).

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