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VCAP-DCA - Made It!

Hi, I took my VCAP-DCA on 16/12/13, and received the results today...am really pleased to have passed Smiley Happy


It is absolutely essential to setup a decent home lab to train on and practice. The amount of time available is extremely tight, so the more you can practice, the more natural and less "snaggy" it will become. I read reviews before doing the exam that stressed the time factor, but thought three and a half hours would be ample... I was wrong big time! If I was to take the exam again, I would not waste time validating my answers (this doesn't feel natural to me), and trust your ability to get the answer right first time. I had to leave some questions because of this, which was frustrating and added to the stress of waiting for the result!

I would work through the questions sequentially, and mark down ones you can't do (or can't complete) on the pad you are provided with. N.B. If you do get to the final question in the exam, make sure you don't accidentally press the "Finish" button - a simple mistake with severe consequences.


I agree with tomtom901, and definitely recommend the following resources as the most focused and relevant content out there:

Thanks to VMware for creating an exam which really is demanding and tests actual skills. I felt like I had really been tested when walking out of the exam. It is a lot of work, but is worth it!


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Congratulations!  Any plans for what next, DCD?


Hi VirtualInstall,

Yes, I'm just looking at doing the DCD now (VMware certs. keep me off the streets!)

I've attended the Design Workshop, but didn't find it particularly helpful. However, I hope the notes in the Student Manual could prove to be of value.

Are you DCD'ing now?

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