vCenter 4 UM Scans, but missing patches

I'm running vCenter 4 with ESX 4 Update-1 hosts. I have a 2003 STD VM that I built a few months back and use as a template.

When UM scans the VM, it says it's 100% compliant. However, when I fire up the VM and manually run Windows Update, it's missing 25 critical updates.

I know UM is working because I can see some MS patches dated late Feb 2010.

As a comparrison, when i run Windwos on the VM, it says it needs KB978207 (cumulitive update for IE8) and is dated 1-20-2010. This patch DOES exists in the repository. But KB955759 dated 12-9-2009 does not exist in the library, even though it is a pending ciritical update from Windows Update.

When I talked to VMware about it, they just said Shavlik probably hadn't recieved the updates yet. But I find that hard to beleive, since I do have some recent MS patches in the repository. I'm thinking about reinstalling UM...


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