keep update manager from trying to reinstall vib ?

I have used Fujitsu Image for setting up a new server.

Fujitsu has removed lsi-mr3 package from their customized image.  (readme is telling:  Otherwise new LSI RAID controllers with SAS3.0 support like PRAID CP400i or EP400i are not supported by ServerView Raid.)

what is the proper way to keep update manager to reinstall any update/component which puts the driver back into the system ?

i found this problem after installing all esx patches on to of the fujitsu image and then serverview raid-monitoring broke because of this.

i know i could exclude patches by name in update manager, but how should i know that "Vmware ESXi 5.5 complete update 3" contains this driver?

I dont want to exclude patches which i need on other servers and i don`t like to manage different patch baselilnes for different servers, i just want to avoid this driver to be reinstalled

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