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i moved my vcenter 5.5 to a different server (2003 -> 2008r2) while upgrading from 5.1 caused by os incompatibility.

everything works fine but the vcenter shows an com.vmware.vcintegrity alert.

Error Message is that i cant receive systemstate of https://vcsernameOLD:9084/vci/downloads/health.xml.

By the fact that i do not use the update manager i did not move the update manager to the new server i just deleted the old server after i reinstalled the vcenter on my new server with the old database.

Can anyone tell me how can i let the vcenter forget that their was a update manager and fix the alert?

i tried to access the https://venterip/mob website but the plugin is not registered, so might be a config xml entry or a database entry which is still wrong.

Or am i just wrong in my opinion, that the error tell me he cant contact the no longer existing update manager??

Thanks for your help

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