What is the difference between the products in Lifecycle Manager?

When creating a Baseline in Lifecycle Manager you can define for which product you like to get the patches. You can choice:

embeddedEsx 7.0 -> at the moment 134 patches matched
embeddedEsx 7.1 -> at the moment 1 patches matched
embeddedEsx 7.0.0 -> at the moment 55 patches matched
embeddedEsx 7.0.* -> at the moment 11 patches matched
embeddedEsx 7.* -> at the moment 5 patches matched
esx 7.0.0 -> at the moment 10 patches matched

I like to only install the patches for ESXi 7.0 and not to install ESXi 7.0 U1 things. So i think embeddedEsx 7.0.0 ist the right option for me.
But what mean the other options like 7.*? In 7.* are only 5 patches but because of the * I think it has to include 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 and 7.1 so it must include over 100 patches not only 5. Which logic is that?

at vmware
1. Why embeddedESX and not ESXi?
2. What is that esx 7.0.0? There is no ESX 7.0.0 out only ESXi 7 right?

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