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UM: Install Update timed out - how to monitor update process?

Hi all,

we have an ESX 3.5 Server located in a DMZ. The vCenter Server is seperated by a firewall. When we use the Update Manager the operation timed out after 15 minutes,because the download of the updates is very slow.

When i check the esxupdate.log i can see, that the ESX is still downloading the updates. Via "ps aux" i can see that there is a update process still running: python /usr/sbin/esxupdate --HA -d

So my question is: How can i monitor the current state of the update progress? In vCenter i cannot see anything, because the operation is already timed out. Are there some console commands to get the current state, for example, if the host needs to be rebootet?


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here you can find some useful info for remediation accross FMZ - http://communities.vmware.com/thread/225931?tstart=0

try to increase the timeout value and

if your host has a DRAC or iLo card you can monitor vmkernel log for errors by hitting Alt+F12



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