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Staging of Patches Fails - Operation Timed Out

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We have our main office which has VC server and 3 node cluster of vSphere

hosts. Down the road we have our warehouse which has 2 node cluster of vSphere

hosts. There is a leased line between the office and the warehouse and the main

office VC manages all the hosts.

We've placed the Update Manager at the warehouse end and are trying to stage

patches to the main office. As a side note we used to have the Update Manager

at the main office, but had a similar problem to the one we're now


We're trying to stage the "Critical Host Patches" baseline.

The first problem we're experiencing is that the third host is not detected

so doesn't appear with a check box available for it in the staging wizard. Even

when you select staging to that host in particular, nothing is available for it.

I can't see any reason for this as it was upgraded at the same time as the

other hosts and is exactly the same hardware.

With the second problem, when we start the staging wizard process at the

cluster level, it all looks good, however, at 32%, the 2 hosts that are

detected are in process of being scanned, the task and event viewer shows that

scanning has been successful and lists all nine of the critical patches, but

the process then just hangs there and after 15 or so minutes comes back saying

that scanning of both hosts failed.

I’ve done the Update Manager log bundle collection, but I’m not sure what to

look for or where to look for it.

Any tips/suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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try to change the timeout value in vci-integrity.xml file.There is also another link about this topic here.

see also - http://communities.vmware.com/thread/228140?tstart=15