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Issues with Update manager 6.7

  Good Morning,

We have recently upgraded on vCenters to version 6.7U3. 

Now we are trying to upgrade our hosts to the same version.  Using Update Manager to upgrade.

Seems like we are having an issue with trying to do multiple hosts with the same baseline or even a different baseline.

If you only do one host, no issues. Example I had one host that was doing a remediation, and it got 72%.  Started another remediation, with a completely different baseline and it never got past 0% and the other one stopped at 72% and has yet to complete.

This only seems to be an issue with our Cisco UCS blades.  We have HP blades also and you can remediate them 2 at a time with no issues.

Just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior or is there something within vCenter Update manager that I need to check.

Thank You

Brian Dougherty

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