Fastest/Best Way To Know Exactly Why A Host Is Incompatible To An Image Upgrade

I'm trying to sort through the logging/UI to see why one specific host is incompatible.

The goal is to upgrade to vSphere 6.7.  1 of 5 hosts in the cluster shows incompatible with the upgrade, but I'm a little fuzzy as to why.

I've uploaded the most recent ESXi 6.7 to Update Manager, created and applied the baseline, then did a compliance check.  This is what I see:


From the vib list, the only package on the incompatible host that's not on the rest is:


Vice versa, there is one on the compatible hosts that isn't on the in compatible:


The mptsas plugin wasn't actually be used, removing it didn't resolve the incompatible host flag when checking compliance.

Is there any one log that would clearly state why a host isn't compatible?

The 5 hosts above are all the same vendor and spec (CPU & Memory), and are config consistent as far as I can tell aside from this vib mentioned above.

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Found my answer ... grr for seeing it after posting the question.


look at the most recently modified log file that's the name of the affected host.


look for the standard error line

--> stderr: --------

--> Acceptance level of the host has to change from accepted to partner to match with the new imageprofile and proceed with upgrade.

This should explain the failure.

The VIBs I mentioned above show that one was VMwareAccepted and the others were PartnerSupported to pass.

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