Displaying messages from HSM API responses on vSphere UI (compliance check)

Dear VMware Community,

we are developing the HSM plugin for vLCM and we would like to ask you about error messages coming from HSM API responses, namely their visibilities on UI.

Let's take an example of the response from compliance scan endpoint (/hsm_api/vsphere-lcm/hw-support/v1/hosts). Below you can see a sample request we send to our HSM plugin:


As a result, our HSM plugin starts to perform all required actions checking hosts in terms of compliance and creates a populates results for each single host scan into HostsComplianceScanTaskInfo. In attachment you will find the entire response from the endpoint. Below you can find a screen with core parts of this reponse:


The same compliance scan, with exactly the same request (in reality there are more hosts of course), is performed when using the vSphere client with our registered HSM plugin. The response structure is same as the attached one.

Nevertheless, on the GUI side there is completely no information with messages included in the our response. We expected that information included in the response (which actually can provide user with more specific reasons of compliance issues) should be presented to the user on vSphere. Or expectation was, more or less, as below:


Our questions: 

  • Is our understanding correct and messages from API response should be visible of GUI in marked sections? 
  • Should we look for these somewhere else on GUI (until now we haven't found)?
  • Does the visibility of the messages depend on some other factors like task status (SUCCEEDED, FAILED etc...), or response code (200, 400, 500)? We've tried many variations but with no effect.
  • If these message are not supposed to be presented to the user is there any other way to include some extra information about compliance results / issues on the vSphere GUI?


With kind regards, 

Radosław Mużdżak

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I have the same issue. Any ideas for a fix?

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