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Cannot remediate host because of HA


Using vCenter 5.1 u1 and ESXi hosts 5.1 u1

I want to patch my ESXi hosts for the first time so it may be something in the setup but.... I would not know what. The whole setup was done by someone who has set up several 5.1 installations. **

I have a cluster of 3 hosts, I put one in maintenance mode. All VMs have been moved to the other 2 hosts and while the host went into maintenance mode the details column showed "Disabling vSphere HA on ...." So I assume that this host is no longer part of the HA machines in the cluster.

When I want to initiate the remediation of the host I get:

Cannot remediate host <name> because it is a part of a HA admission control enabled cluster

Which is funny as this host is no longer a member of the HA group in the cluster.

According to VMware KB: An ESX/ESXi host remediation fails with the error: No supported hosts found for remediate...

I could simple disable HA on the cluster, remediate the host and then enable HA once more.

It is the only relevant KB article I could find but.... somehow that does not feel like it is the proper solution, nor does it feel like it describes my problem as I allready put the host in maintenance mode and HA should not be a problem any more.

Anyone know of a better solution before I try disabling HA on the cluster?

**  I may be a VCP 4.1 but there were too many changes for me from 4.1 to 5.1u1 to feel comfortable doing this myself. And I am glad I did it that way as even he ran into problems that were not covered yet in a KB because of the fact that we put the vCenter server on Windows 2012.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

When you remediate check the option "Disable High Availability admission control if it is enabled for any of the selected clusters"in Edit the cluster remediation options.



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Thank you for that! Been so long since I upgraded our HOSTS I had forgotten I needed to allow that Smiley Happy

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