little bug in vmware thinapp version 2203

Hello, has anyone noticed a small bug in version 2203 of vmware thinapp? If you have captured an applicatie with version 2203 en want to build it, you get the error in the cmd box: could not open %SystemSystem%CMD.

This error is generated, because in the package.ini file, at the {name package].DAT section, automatically there is an entry created by thinapp %SystemSystem%CMD.exe.


So the backslach (\) is missing here. If you put the backslash in %systemSystem%\CMD.EXE the build works just fine.

I dont know if anybody else has experienced this, but i think its a little bug.

Sincerly Patrick Vranken


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Please refer to this updated link:


Our team is looking into a fix for this.

Thanks for tour patience.

Jeff Ulatoski
Product Line Manager, App Volumes
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