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issue packaging application and publishing using vmview

Summary of problem: When packaging an application using ThinApp 4.6 and attempting to publish using View 4.6 the status in VMView is shown in invalid. This is reported in other posts on the net but I can't find a solution.

The application is QLX from Unit4 which requires an Oracle stack. I have installed the Oracle Stack prior to running prescan, When I install the app during pre-scan it works fine and talks to the oracle stack without any issues. The first indication that there is a problem is when the entry points are listed as shown in the graphic below. The application QL-X is listed twice for the same path. If I publish the app using the default settings as shown VMWare rejects the package as invalid. If I deselect the first instance of QL-X and select the second the application will publish in VMView but there are no shortcuts when the app is streamed.

The package.ini settings for the two instances is shown below - default instance first.

I Guess my question is why would the packaging proccess list the same exe in the same path twice?

Source=%ProgramFilesDir%\Distinction Systems Limited\QL-x\QLX.exe
WorkingDirectory=%ProgramFilesDir%\Distinction Systems Limited\QL-x\

Source=%ProgramFilesDir%\Distinction Systems Limited\QL-x\QLX.exe


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It's normal behavior for ThinApp.

[QL-x.exe] - Start menu shortcut has been created and this was entry point for this shortcut.

[QLX.exe] - Thinapp created entry point for every runable binary copied/created during installation.

When you register virtualized application on machine Start menu shourcut will be created when you select to build QL-x option, but it will not be created when you select QLX option. It's same with file association etc.

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