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how to maintain the thin app environment


My company start the deploy the thinapp and we package many applications like office, acrobat, sap and so on. I know vmware provide many tools to maintain the apps ,such as appsync, applinks. But I have many problem to maintain the whole thin environment

1. VMware recommend us to package every application in the "Clean" environment. Actuality, many applications interrelate each other. For example, IE browser. many our applications plug-in IE, If we package every application in "Clean" OS. the user may use different browser to run different app. and the standard IE can only browse the web, and always could not run plug-in apps.

2. To solve the first problem, we can simulate users environment to install all applications in the same OS, and finally re-package the IE with app link option. But this method will make the environment more complex and hard to maintain. Because a application change or update will impact other applications.

3. About update the application with app link option. A Scenario, I have packaged a Lotus notes called notes.dat and deploied to users in a month. now I want to config some setting. I have two way to update. First, capture the configurations and build a package called configuration.dat, then config the notes_v1's requireapplins to link to the configuration.dat in the package.ini, and rebuild the notes.dat. It's that right, I really didn't sure the two notes.dat are different package and use the same sandbox, it works? The second way, because of the config never change the execute file, there is no entry point to run the configuration.dat. So, we copy a same execute file of the notes as the entry point, and package the configuration.dat to link the notes.dat.

Anybody could share his experience in this, think you very much!

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