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VMware ThinApp Issue

we are the makers of Smart Service software. Smart Service is the world's leading QuickBooks add-on scheduling service software, it is a MS access based application. Our software is fully and seamlessly Integrates with QucikBooks.In the process of Installation we do install the Smart Service ,QBFC (QuickBooks Foundation Class) is the bridge between the Smart Service & QuickBooks , SSUpdate and QuickBooks setup files ,the QuickBooks runs at backend of the smartservice. We are using the QBFC dll file to connect QuickBooks, QBFC communicates with QuickBooks through Ports.

And we are trying to create a portable application of Smart Service through ThinApp. I created a portable application using ThinApp ,Smart Service application is running on ThinApp but it is not connecting to the QuickBooks the QBFC dll file. Is there any way to figure out the Issue is either in debug mode or error log that tells something what went wrong?

Did VMware deals with any customers that evaluates a add-on to QuickBooks?

What would be the problem? Is there any way to figure it out?


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