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Users Updating Thinapp Applications

I was curious if anyone has run into any issues with users launching manual updates of applications.  We do turn off updating when we build a package however, users still do have the ability to run a "Check for Updates" for instance.  Within our environment we have users without admin rights to install applications and some do have admin rights.  We have not fully deployed applications to all of our staff, but just wondering if anyone has run into any problems with that piece of thinapp.  The reason I am asking is that a test user from his thinapped firefox downloaded and installed firefox 4.0 beta.  She does have admin rights.  We do side-by-side updating with thinreg and am concerned that this could cause problems when we go to firefox 3.6.14 or any other application for that matter.  Also, in just testing, I was able to check for updates with vlc and able to install the updated version 1.6 to the local machine.  I would like to try and avoid situations like this if possible, but I don't think there is any way that admin rights would be taken away from certain users as we move forward with our virtual desktop implementation.  I have consulted the manual and have read the section that the updating is possible and will run from the sandbox.  Looking for a way to lock this behavior down if it's even possible.  Any thoughts.  

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