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Failed Attempt to ThinApp an application

I attempted to create a ThinApp for an HP application called Service Manager. The creation process and all the steps went fine. However, when I scan it in and apply entitlements to a media pool, the end user just doesn't get access to the application. During the creation/capture process, I placed an icon on the Desktop. I used my test user account to log off and back in, and no access. I have verified group membership. I see within the VDI gui under ThinApps it says "Pending Install".

So I am not trying to redo the ThinApp thinking that something was not done correctly. With that said, I attempted to deleted the ThinApp but it indicates I can't becuase I have a pending install on a VM. However, that VM can not access this app. So I am stuck here.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance...


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