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Another App Virtualization Solution Instead of ThinApp

Hello all,

Is anyone using a complete App Virtualization Solution other than ThinApp? I have heard of the following:

Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite (formerly SVS)

Microsoft App-V

Virtual Storm (DVS4VDI by Dinamiqs)

I would like to deploy virtualized app through streaming, but I am particularly concern with network bandwidth saturation, specifically when multiple users are accessing the same share.

I got on a WebEx demo with Virtual Storm and they basically told me that with their product, I would be able to reduce the base virtual desktop image to 1.2GB in size, because quote "With the DVS4VDI add-on Symantec Workspace Virtualization will be reading the applications form a centralized disk. So instead of having a FSLRDR directory on every image we share this with all the images." This essentially means that virtualized apps are streamed via SAN protocol and not over the network. Very cool concept! Does anyone have any experience with using DVS4VDI?

I suppose then Symantec SVS will only stream apps over network.

If I am to use VMware ThinApp, what is a good software management product, that I can use in conjunction with ThinApp, to deploy and manage all the virtualized apps?(i.e. Microsoft, Altiris, etc...)



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Microsoft, Simantec, Citrix, Xenocode,...

Do you really expecting on discussion about ALL those products in THIS forum?

I can only say, that I like ThinApp for single executable, which doesn't need any control center.

In case, the same reason why many people didn't like it Smiley Wink

And I like wery clear project settings (not Xenocode which has beautiful... but pure and uncomfortable interface).

AND! Still waiting for Win7 support...

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Well, really depends what you have in your environment as far as virtualization infrastructures. If you have all VMware ESX hosts environment and uses VMware View, it would be obvious you're give ThinApp a chance because it's doing pretty good in terms of single execution and you have the apps running without conflicts and its so light and easy to deploy. Now, if you have Citrix XenEnterprise and Xen Desktop, than using XenApp would be your best choice and Citrix is actually the king in application virtualization before Softgrid and ThinApp has to offered. I still think Citrix XenApp has more features to offered but that depends on your assessments. Now, Microsoft luckily bought Softgrid and rebranded to App-V for their VDI solution such as MDOP. App-V is a great product as far as packaging and sequencing goes, its very good solution for application virtualization. Now, for those newbies on the block, why would you try something that's not mature and widely deployed?

So, I would check out our existing infrastructures and how we going forward, but using VMware, Citrix and MS application virtualization solutions are solid. Also, you would have to test them in a lab to decide which one works in your environment because each entity have their own and specific applications needs and requirements. I could see Symantec has some chances with this market but it takes time though! If you still interested in discussion with me offline call me anytime we can talk bro. I'm glad we have same last name so great to share knowledge!

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