"The installed version of VMware Tools is not up to date" message in VMware Workstation Player

I have a VM running on a VMware Workstation 16 Player on a PC with no internet access.

Suddenly the message ""The installed version of VMware Tools is not up to date. Log in to the guest operating system and click "Update Tools"" popped up.

Why is that? It is an isolated installation - with no access to detection of updates.

I can click one of three buttons: "Update Tools", "Remind Me Later" or "Never Remind Me".

I lean towards "Never Remind Me" - as it is working as intended, and the installation is isolated...

I can update tools - but I frankly dont know from where... it identifies a DVD drive and I can run an Installer - and something is installed. But maybe it is just the Tools from the very first installation?

Any advice/insight is welcome.

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