VMware Community FAQ

VMware Community FAQ

1. VMware Community FAQ

What is the VMware Community?

VMware Community is an interactive platform for sharing knowledge and questions about VMware software and virtualization technologies.

You can get help, opinions, and feedback from other VMware users around the globe by participating in the discussion forums, sharing  documents and blogs. VMware Technology Network is the go-to place for peer-to-peer support for VMware customers or prospects. This resource is ideal for self-solving issues, having fruitful technical conversations, and deep-diving into topics specific to any instance you are running.

Please review our terms of use prior to posting.

How is the content organized in the VMware Community?

When you enter each community you are brought to the discussion board. A filter option is presented on the topic bar, allowing you to see only the answered questions or only the open questions in the given community. You are able to customize the overview page of each community to add the features you would most like to see, such as those on the VMTN page, but specific to the selected community.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.53.01 AM.png

You can see all available communities by clicking on “Browse" and then "Communities” link in the dropdown menu from any VMware Community page.

You can also organize content yourself, to match your interests by utilizing a feature called News.

Visit the News tab on the top of every page immediately next to “Browse” or visit https://communities.vmware.com/news?channel=discovery now to explore. The News page features tiles to help direct you towards the most active people, places, and content quickly. This page also provides quick access to your Connections Stream, what’s Top & Trending, and the Most Recent content streams.

News can be personalized by every user. Users can make multiple streams by selecting “New Stream” and choosing exactly which Places, People, and Tags they would like to appear there. They can name the stream accordingly, and select whether or not they would like inbox or email updates on activity within their stream. Users can also select the "Pin" icon next to any of their streams to "Pin" this stream to the News button on their header. Doing so means anytime the user clicks on "News" they are brought directly to that specific News Stream.

For an in-depth visual tour of the new News interface click here.

Do I Have to be Registered to Use the Community?

Anybody can view the content in the public VMware Community without logging in. If you are a member of any private groups, such as certain Betas, you will need to log in before you can view them.

You will also need a VMware Community user account if you want to  create new posts, reply to messages, enable watches or earn rewards points.

Prior to posting on the forums, it is always a good idea to review the forum Terms of Use.

How do I Create a Topic or Post a Reply?

Before posting a question, please search the community forums first to see if the answer has already been posted.

To start a new topic, first log in, then navigate to the appropriate community and click on “Start a discussion” link in the Actions menu on the right.

Type the subject of your post in the subject line and type your question or comment in the message box. Please try to make your subject as specific as possible.

Before you are about to post, you can spell check your message by clicking on the Spell Check button. You can refer to other users directly by mentioning them (Ex. @KTbradley), or attach photos/documents. When you are satisfied with the content, confirm that it is being posted in the correct forum on the bottom of the page, add tags to optimize others' ability to find it, and press the “Post Message” button.

Once this topic has been posted, you will receive notifications around it based on your settings. If your profile has the standard settings, you will receive email notifications when other users reply to your topic, and notifications on your VMTN profile.

To post a reply to a topic, first log in, then open the message and  click on “Reply” link in the bottom right corner of the message area.

How do I use the private message function?

A private message box has been configured for each registered forum user. This function is provided strictly to send private messages to other registered forum users. The private message box is accessed through visiting another users profile, which can be done by clicking on or searching for their username. The message option is in the lower right corner of the users profiles banner.

What are notifications? How do I receive notifications from a certain community?

Notifications are messages to let you know if the topic you are interested in has been updated. To signify your interest in a community, visit that community and in the top right corner, above Start a Discussion, you can choose to Follow. You can choose to have notifications in your "Connections Stream" (similar to a FaceBook timeline) or in your Inbox (which will send email notifications to your email on file and add a notification to the @ box in your header panel) or both.

To add a discussion, document, blog, or poll to your notifications list, navigate to the topic or a document you want to follow and click on the "Follow" link underneath the Actions box on the right. Check off whether you'd like this content to notify your VMTN inbox/Connections Stream, your email, or both. If you'd like to stop notifications, uncheck the relevant boxes.

To add a user to your notifications list, click onto the user's ID to access their public profile and click on “Follow”  link in the Actions box on the left. You can only follow another user in your Connections Stream, you will not receive an email notification regarding another user's actions unless it is in a place of content that you are following.

To view your Connections Stream, click News. To view your Inbox, click the @ button directly to the left of news.

How do I check the spelling of my message?

To check the text of your message for spelling errors, click the “Spell Check” icon prior to posting your thread or message.

If the spell check dictionary doesn't recognize a word in your message,  it will appear in a box. You can correct it yourself by typing over what  is displayed. If the dictionary has any suggestions, you will be able  to see them in the suggestion box.

To choose one of the suggestions, simply select the suggestion you'd  like to use and click on the “Change” button for each of the words you  would like changed.

When you are finished checking your entire message, click on “Post  Message” to save your changes and post the message with your spelling  corrections. If you want to continue editing your message, hit “Edit” to  return to the message posting screen.

How do I post a video?

Before you embed a video here in the VMware Community, please make sure you have the rights to distribute this video.

At this time, we support embedding of YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Google videos. If you want to embed a video, simply click on the "Embed video" icon in your message editor and the dialog will walk you through the process.

Screen shot 2011-01-19 at 9.56.14 AM.png

2. Account FAQ

How do I log in?

To login to the Community, click the “Login/Register”  button in the upper-right corner of your browser window. You will be  prompted to enter your email address and password at this time.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.46.39 PM.png

Note: You must have cookies enabled for this feature. Your login information will be encrypted and stored in a cookie.

Please note that creating an account and participating in the forums constitutes your acceptance of the VMware Community Terms of Use.

What if I forgot my password?

If you cannot remember your password, there is a mechanism for password retrieval on the login page. Click the “Login/Register” button in the upper-right corner of your browser window, and then click on the “Forgot your password” link.

Community personal account settings

After logging into the VMware Community, click on your user name in the community navigation bar and select “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu to view and edit your community profile.

You will be brought to a profile page with three tabs, each offering profile customization options:

  • Avatar & photos - add a profile photo and select an avatar to represent your content, such as forum posts, documents, and blog posts.
  • Your profile - This allows you to update your public profile in the VMware Community. You can fill in information such as occupation, expertise, a brief biography, etc.
  • Privacy - a list of the information you have chosen to enter into your profile, and a customization option for each piece of information. You choose if you would like it to be visible to everyone, registered users, friends, or only yourself.

Click on your name again in the community navigation bar and select Preferences.

  • This allows editing of general viewing preferences such as threaded/flar view mode, default number of forum topics per page, preferred time zone and notification settings.
  • This includes email notifications.
  • Tab 2, Desktop Applications, is irrelevant.

How do I change my email address on the Community platform?

If you are changing your email address, please contact VMTN Community Manager @jennivmtn (jenniferg@vmware.com).

Using Community Search

Search has been redesigned and upgraded to Spotlight Search. You can access Spotlight Search by clicking the magnifying glass on the top right corner of any communities’ page. Spotlight provides suggestions, your history, and any pages you have bookmarked, prior to you entering keywords. Once keywords are entered, Spotlight provides relevant content, people, and places.

If you need to do a more advanced search, visit communities.vmware.com/search.

3. Community Programs FAQ

Who moderates the VMware community forums content?

VMware community forums have community user moderators, as well as moderators  who are VMware employees. Community user moderators are volunteers, put in charge of the public VMware forums and Betas, while VMware employees may be moderating private and VMware-sponsored spaces.

Why do we need community moderators?

Volunteer community moderators have three main goals:

1) To keep postings and forums organized and the tone respectful and professional, and to ensure all community users follow the VMware CommunityTerms of Use.
2) To collect user comments about the system and make VMware aware of technical issues.
3) To help facilitate technical discussions, and keep the community Help pages up to date.

Who are the community moderators? Who can become a community user moderator? Can I become a Moderator?

Learn more about the program by visiting the VMTN User Moderator Program​ page.

What is the VMware Community reward points system?

Please visit the Community Rewards Program FAQ​ for more information on this topic.

Why do some users have this badge on their profile?


This icon is representative that a user has been awarded the VMTN Community Warrior Badge. This is a reward program to recognize users who go above and beyond their call of duty as a community member. Visit the Community Warrior Program​ to learn more.


Let's start with the old draft and update this document so we can create a new FAQ for the VMware Communities.

removed the product specific parts (they were outdated anyway)

Cool, thanks a lot!


Is there a way for me to see all the specific threads I have bee awarded a helpful or correct answer on?  I'd like to see that or get a notification when that happens.

I am refreshing my community page and would like to remove an outdated document. The FAQ doesn't cover that topic - any advice on how I can accomplish that? The person who was helping me  from the digital marketing team is not with vmware anymore so I am looking for some guidance. I have to get this page ready for a customer beta before 4/23 - any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'm having  a problem during the installation process Vcenter  with "An error while staring service "vpxd-svcs". What I should do for this? Thanks!

I'm having  a problem in host, storage unknown (inaccessible)


You need to create your own post in the area of VMTN for the product you are using.

I seem to be logged in as a "Visitor" and after  I attempted to register and log in it’s  greyed out. HELP!

Hello Everybody, 

I beg for help, after a power supply fail, my mistake was decide to load an old snapshot, i need to recover my previous content, this is possible?, thanks in advanced.


You need to create your own post in the discussion area for whichever VMware product you’re using.


I have deployed ESXi V 7.0.2 and vCenter 7.0U2 for a customer. Because of a known bug in ESXi 7.0.2, I am trying to upgrade to 7.0.3, which also means doing an upgrade of vCenter to 7.0U3. I have downloaded the ESXi ISO OK, but I do not seem to have the right to download the vCenter kit. We do have a valid license in place, but I cannot find anywhere in the download process to put that in.

Any ideas on how to make this work??

Thanks in advance.


You need to create your own post in the area for ESXi, it’s under Cloud & SDDC from the headings at the top of the page.


Need help on mac vms hosted under vmware plaform .No boot.efi file available to go to recovery mode on the servers 

Looking to find or start a community for Carbon Black App Control.


On which VMware product?


Thanks @scott28tt I landed in the "Communities" section and searched for it but didn't find it. I have long been a member of the one you listed so I guess I was just thinking wrong. Thanks again.

I sometimes feel Carbon Black App Control is not a very hot topic. I have used it for 7 years so it's familiar. Not sure what else I can do in my current role. 😞

I am busy doing an upgrade on VMware Site Recovery Manager from version 8.1.2 to 8.3.1. The upgrade went successful but i am not able to pair SRM servers on both protected site and recovery site.

vCenter server version is 7.0U3.

SRM services are running.

Below is the error i am getting;

Unable to retrieve Site Recovery Manager summary data.
Unable to connect to Lookup Service at https://vwt-single-sign.mascom.bw:443/lookupservice/sdk. Reason: https://vwt-single-sign.mascom.bw:443/lookupservice/sdk invocation failed with "java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information"

You must create a new post here with all the same information: https://communities.vmware.com/t5/Site-Recovery-Manager/bd-p/1013


Dear All, 


                we have 2 new esxi with version 7.0 with FC connection to ME5024 san storage, after i created vmfs in one of the esxi showing below vmhba0 adapters, just wonder can i hidden it or i did something not correct causes this ? any help would be appreicated 




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