VMWare Compatibility Guide export csv


My company (Nvidia) is working with the VMware Compatibility Guide quite often. 
we have about 150 updates per Quarter.

We need to regularly check the data on the VMware Compatibility Guide

as a result we would like to import the data of the VMware Compatibility Guide to XLS on a daily basis and run internal checks and validations on that data.

I see that in this link


there is a export to CSV link, which has the list of devices with the data that we need

we also see that in this example device link


there is a export to CSV link, which has all the device details that we need

My question is - 

is it OK for us to create a background job that fetches this public data using these links?

can we rely on these links to consistently provide this data as they do today?

since we plan to make ~ 200-600 requests per day, is there a way to ensure that our connection will not be blocked?


Zach from Nvidia



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