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ESXi 8.0 & install on Dell Precision T5820 RAID setup


I got a Precision T5820 which has run Windows for some years. now I got a new PC and want to run ESXi 8.0 hypervisor on the system.

So far the latest edition of ESXi 8.0 runs and see the NVMe-drive as storage even if I had 2 pieces a made a RAID 1 it would be seen.

but the ESXi 8.0 does not see the RAID1 I created on SATA attached disks to mainboard.

is there a workaround to make ESXi 8.0 to "see" the RAID1 setup or does exist a low cost RAID Controller that work with 4 SATA disk connectors?

Probably the problem is Intel VROC RAID-setup.



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