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TKG 1.5.3 Cluster Delete - Stuck

I deleted my shared service and workload cluster and both were stuck in "deleting" phase.

The shared service cluster was showing 2/3 and I saw the worker nodes powered off, but it was stuck after that. When I ran "kubectl get cluster <clustername>" it showed an error talking to vCenter. I attached a screenshot of it. I rebooted vCenter, thinking it might be having an issue and when it came back up, the shared service cluster was gone. It finished deleting successfully, but the cluster context and everything was left behind. I had to manually clean that up.

The only way I was able to get rid of the workload cluster was to delete the finalizers and manually remove the nodes + context. Based on the error in the attached screenshot, is this a permission issue or something else? I couldn't find anything only about "unable to create tags manager". There is no firewall involved in the environment.

The only permission issue I see on vCenter's end is "Validate Session", which shouldn't be a problem, because I have that permission set for the user/role I configured for the deployment.

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