NSX-ALB VS VIP don't match Service Engines IP


Trying to setup a Lab of vSphere with Tanzu using NSX ALB as load balancer.

I've installed latest version of vCenter, ESXi and NSX-ALB with Essentials License (version 22.1.2 2p4)

I setup it with 3 Networks :
- Frontend :
- Workload :
- Management :

The Supervisor Cluster is deployed and all nodes received IPs from the Management and Workload Networks as configured.

In NSX ALB (AVI) I can see 2 VS with 2 differents IP relying to the supervisor cluster's nodes. The VS are UP and everything is green :

- VS1 (Api) have ip
- VS2 (CSI) have ip

The Supervisor Cluster Control Plane IP is matching the VS1 IP (

2 Service Engine VMs are deployed with 2 connected network cards :

- SE1 Mangement Network IP :, Frontend Network IP :
- SE2 Mangagment Network IP :, Frontend Network IP:

Of course, when trying to access the Supervisor Control Plane on, that's don't work.

I delete and recreate the cluster a couple of times and the results are always the same.

Maybe it's something that I don't understand or a kind of bug or any configuration error but I don't know why and how the Service Engines VMs are created with different IP than the VS VIPs.

Any help would be appreciate.


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