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I'm trying to configure HealthWatch 2.2 for TKGI 1 .13.2.

All it's working fine except the Cluster Discovery.

reading the documentation on Configuring TKGI Cluster Discovery | Pivotal Docs

I read the step no. 6, reported below, and I don't undestand what i have to add for that value and where i can find it.

I tried to use "Skip TLS certificate verification checkbox" but without success.


Someone have already configure it and can help me?



Step 6

(Optional) To allow the Prometheus instance to communicate with the TKGI API over TLS, configure one of the following options:

  • To configure the Prometheus instance to use a self-signed CA certificate or a certificate that is signed by a self-signed CA certificate when communicating with the TKGI API over TLS, provide the certificate for the CA in CA certificate for TLS. If you provide a self-signed CA certificate, it must be for the same CA that signs the certificate in the TKGI API. If the Prometheus instance uses certificates signed by a trusted third-party CA or the Skip TLS certificate verification checkbox is activated, do not configure this field.
  • If you do not provide a self-signed CA certificate or a certificate that is signed by a self-signed CA certificate, you can activate the Skip TLS certificate verification checkbox. When this checkbox is activated, the Prometheus instance does not verify the identity of the TKGI API. This checkbox is deactivated by default. VMware does not recommend skipping TLS certificate verification in a production environment.
  1. Click Save.

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