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FluxCD version in tanzu application platform cannot connect to private Azure Devsops git repo

Im trying to setup Tanzu Application Platform with a multicluster architecture but I'm having issues with FluxCD in the build cluster. The gitrepository resource that gets created for my workload cannot read from the git repository in azure, giving the error message "failed to checkout and determine revision: unable to clone 'ssh://git@ssh.dev.azure.com/v3/<org and app path>': empty git-upload-pack given".

According to https://github.com/fluxcd/flux2/issues/3363 this is fixed in version 0.37 of the source controller. Does anyone have insights as to when vmware might include that version of flux in TAP? As it is now, I cannot use TAP as all our source code is in Azure Devops git repos.

As a workaround I've tried excluding fluxcd package from the build profile and installing fluxcd manually from the latest version. This fixes the issue of cloning the source code, but has other side effects such as network policies blocking access to the source-controller which provides the source to other components in the supply chains.

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