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[CSE 4.0] unable to add ovdc network to vAPP in CSE Cluster when the cluster in phase creation

hi , 

i'm already to create Kubernetes Container with CSE , i use " ubuntu-2004-kube-v1.20.15+vmware.1-tkg.2 839faf7d1fa7fa356be22b72170ce1a8" to create kubernetes cluster ,  the owner of cluster is account with role Kubernetes cluster author .

when the cluster in creation phase , error is displayed in cse.log << "msg" : "err" : [unable to add ovdc network [x] to vApp [ cluster23-03]:

[error updating vApp Network API Error : 400 [*******] the entity Ref : com.vmware.vcloud.entity.vapp:****** is busy completing an operation VDC_COMPOSE_VAPP]]] retrying to create vApp .

any when have solution for this issue Please .

Best Regards 

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