Dynamic Environment Manager OR Image issue - Maybe not sure

Hello everyone and I apologize if this subject is not placed in the right forum, however having a weird issue with a couple of VM'S which is a bit hard to explain, but I will try my best. I have had a couple of employees tell me that whenever we suffer a power outage, or if the VM receives an MS update and reboots VM they lose the web favorites on the chrome browser, and they also lose cache on websites. Now I do have DEM and was recently updated, however, I did deploy a new image to some workstations too but this was done some time ago. So I'm trying to figure out where the problems are. 

Any help or ideas will be very appreciated, and once again apologize if this is not the right way of submitting a post.

Cheers everyone!



  • What is the version of Horizon                                          Answer:  7.10.0 build - 14584133
  • What is the configuration of the pool                                Answer: Dedicated Pool
  • What is the client version you are using                           Answer:  5.4
  • What is the DEM version currently in use                        Answer:
  • What is the error message you see                                 Answer: I see no error just whenever we have a power outage or an update on                                                                                                         vms and it reboots it removes the bookmarks and the cache in the browser.
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