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rename a vmdk without svmotion


Have a vmdk on NFS and am seeing options to rename it without doing an svmotion.

Looking at the following link specifically the vmkfstools section, I see there are no VM .vmx settings to modify to reflect the new vmdk name, assume this is because the disk is detached from the VM first thing and then attached after the change?

What about the folder name for the vmdk, can that be renamed also to reflect the new VM name that this vmdk will be attached to?

Also if I had to go down the svmotion path, since vmdk is Thick Provisioned Eager Zeroed, will it literally move all the vdisk allocated size no matter if part of it had never data written to it?


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If you want to rename with the VM alive and running then I have always understood a vMotion is required as the files will be locked.

Eager 0 disks have the 0's written for performance of the VM when the application expands and contracts the data on it. These will be re-written to the new disk, you can use scripting to change the format of the new disk during the vmotion if desired. Review KB #66809 for more info.