esxtop - replay or batch?

I need to monitor performance of a VM when under load - is replay or interactive mode best (if I know the time that load will be applied)?

Having just experimented with a sample esxtop .csv file generated by 30 minutes of activity, I found Perfmon struggled to use the file, presumably because of its size (140MB). So I either need to cut down the size of the .csv file or run in replay mode instead.

Can someone recommend the best counters or columns to include, specifically for CPU and memory performance?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I found this page which is certainly useful.


And if you are looking for cpu and memory specify scroll down below to find their links in there.

You can select the specific counters and then load up the perfmon to graph them out. Later export the required counters from perfmon to get your new csv with your selected counters only.


If may adjust the delay as per your need y using -s switch to reduce the file size. The default by the way is 5 seconds