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esxi 8 does not see adaptec lsi1064e

Please tell me if I can somehow add a driver for a raid controller?
If I don't use it, I can put 2 disks in total and they won't be in the raid.
The IBM HS22 platform, maybe you can somehow turn off the controller and connect the disks directly to the BIOS.
But I have not seen this there, please tell me kind people.
I need just 2 disks to be seen in esxi.

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If the controller is not showing up in ESXi, then you may need to install a driver / vib:


Graham | User Moderator | https://virtualg.uk
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This is for sure because of the Controller you are using that is not supported in ESXi 8, same as the HS22 hardware, and because of this the drivers you need are probably not loaded as @virtualg_uk mentioned. 

I tried to search into VMware HCL and it seems this driver was used in older versions: mptsas. Check this: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/detail.php?deviceCategory=io&productid=19951&deviceCa...

This is a vmklinux driver that got deprecated in ESXi 7 and is no longer available in ESXi 8: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/77304

You could try getting that driver from an old ESXi Offline bundle and install it manually: https://esxi-patches.v-front.de/vm-6.5.0.html