VVOLS bug. VM's inaccesable. ESX 7.02U3

Good day all.

Came across a storage bug. The below may help you resolve an issue quicker.

This is not yet a published fix, so reach out to support to confirm first. Hopefully it will help them diagnose your issue faster.

The first time we went through this the fix was not known by the engineer on the case and we had to reboot the hosts, hard stopping 800 VM's!!!

Symptoms: VM inaccesable. Vmotion failures. Can not see file listing in storage view, only folders. Can not LS directory in storage containing the VM in ESX SSH.

Can not perform snapshots.

VASA provider on storage looks good.

Any management tasks, reboot will bring VM to inaccesable state.

If left unchecked or fixed, issue spreads. 

If you give VMware support below, it may point the engineer to the tech doc quicker.

Steps to resolve: (SSH commands on host)

Check protocol Endpoint

esxcfg-scsidevs -c

Run command:

"vsish -e set /storage/scsifw/devices/PE ENDPOINT INFO/resetOpcodeAndPageBitmaps 1"

DM me if u need further information.

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Hey folks.

For anyone wondering, the commands given should sustain after host reboots and should be a permanent fix until the actual bug is fixed.


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