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VMWare Capped at 600MB w/ HPE MSA 2060/2062?

I have a MSA2062 12GB SAS, all FLASH and RAID 10.  When I hook any version of VMWARE up to it I can only get 600MB read/700MB write and it doesn't matter what Version of VMWARE, it cap's at 600/700MB. 

I run the same setup Windows Server 2022 and I get 2675MB read and 2010MB write.

Is there some type of 600MB Cap in VMWare?

VMWare:  8000 IOPS - MAX

Windows Server 2022:  over 60000 IOPS - MAX

The setups are 100% the same except loading Windows on the boot drive verses loading VMware 6.5,6.7,70.


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