Terminal Servers - best configuration or resources

We have 3 esx servers ver. 3.5. with two cpu's and 16gb of memory

Seems like even 4 cpu's are not enough for 4 terminal servers with 12 users connected to each, there is always yellow exclamation mark on one or all of them from time to time, indication that the machine needs more memory/cpu...

today I moved two of the servers from one esx to another so now there are two one each...same thing, screaming at me.

Is there a best configuration for terminal servers on VM?

Thank you.

Best Regards, Hadas

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What are the 12 users each doing? What applications are they running? Also, what else is running on the host - and what is the configuration of the host (two CPUs and 16GB, but what kind of CPUs, how many cores, what kind of disk subsystem, etc.)?

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