Seperate vm's vmdk's to seperate datastores


I have two Netapp storages for our VMware virtual Env.,
one of the storage is All Flash drives  and the other SAS drives.


For the DeDup and Compration, i would like to seperate vm's with 2 or 3 drives (C, E,F....)

LIKE THIS:" C: vmdk drive will seat on the All Flash storage

and the other e: or f: drives vmdk's, will seat on the SAS drives storage,

which of course have lower performance than the All Flash storage.


My question: does it recommended and won't cause me vm's performance degradation?

If there are other consideration i should take, i will be happy to hear.


Many Thanks,



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @randahan ,

We have come across several users splitting VM disks across datastore's. As long as you understand the drives/applications and their requirement, VM disks can be placed on dedicated datastore's to meet the performance requirement. 

Hope that helps


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VMware Employee


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