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NetApp snapshots

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Someone asked me investigate doing "NetApp snapshots" of VMware disk/LUNs for recovering/DR, etc.  I know I'm running a NetApp E5600 series which is just a "block-based SAN" and simply presents LUNs to my VMware environment.

I'm 99% sure I can't use this feature with this SAN, but I'm asking.  I figured these snapshots would be file-based ("OnTap"?) and not block-based.

Is there any reference that can help me confirm my assumptions?

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Hey @marco_shaw,

I interacted with some NetApp solutions for doing backup projects and one the features was taking volume snapshots to read the data and then writing to a repository. There is no such thing as file vs block snapshot. 

In NetApp you can use snapshot images or snapshot volumes as you can see here for the difference: https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/public/eseries/sam_archive1150/index.html#page/GUID-8538272A-B802-4.... When you take a snapshot by using OnTap it will take a snapshot to the full LUN that you are presenting to your ESXIs.