Measuring the total cumulative time of all VMs and ESX


In my experiment as I increase the number of Database VMs (SQL Server) that are running simultaneously on my host, beyond a certain point, the cumulative performance of all the Databases put together starts dropping. Looking at the performance graph that Virtual center generates, it is because of saturation in CPU utilization. In my experiments i am also capturing ESXTOP data every 2 sec.

What I am looking to do is analyze this ESX top data and try to capture the cumulative time of all the VMs spent and also time spent by the ESX server. As i increase the # of VMs, i am hoping to see increase in time spent by ESX server for scheduling, processing interrrupts etc.

Can you please let me know what fields i need to look up to measure the time consumed by the hypervisor?

Also, what is the best way to capture the cumulative time utilized by all VMs on the host?

FYI... I am not using any CPU affinity setting and no reservations. I am using the lastest version of vSphere.



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