Large Volume Deployment

I am asking what is the recommendation from the field  how are you deploying large volumes  ~10TB – 20 TB on Windows Host.

I understand each design will have drawbacks.  I want to see recommendations how you see this done in the field and best practices along with detailed deployment settings.  Traditionally we have tried to stay around 2-5 TB VMDK as max size VMDK on a windows host understanding the limits of current versions of ESXi Support are much larger but for backup and restore we set internal soft guidelines at around 5TB.

I know there are some legacy postings on this issue but created a new discussion board.


Thanks Everyone for thoughts!

Design 1

10-20 TB Large VMDK with GPT Windows – Partition Directly on array

  • Pros
    • Simple
  • Cons
    • Snapshot Backup - Issues ? 
    • DR of Large Volume
    • Restore
    • VMDK corruption

Design 2

Windows VM with a NFS target mapped directly to Windows Host (10-20 TB)

  • Backup / HA – 
  • Other designs or recommendations ? 
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