Horizon 6 RDSH Optimization Tool

Horizon 6 RDSH Optimization Tool

The Horizon 6 RDSH optimization tool makes some registry changes to optimize the RDSH server VM image to get better performance.

Please use this software only if you understand the risks and the implications of modifying the Windows registry.

This tool goes with the white paper Horizon 6 RDSH Performance & Best Practices.

Warning: This tool modifies the Windows registry. Before making any registry modifications, ensure that you have a current and valid backup of the registry and the virtual machine. For more information about backing up the registry, see Microsoft KB article 136393.


Can someone advise what "some registry changes"??


It does some MS Office registry changes, some logging, event handling related registry changes etc.

You can run procmon and set filter on "WriteRegistry" and you will see what all changes are happening.

Thanks banit.

Bit strange but this tool tells what it does after running it , not before. I have documented what this tools does and one more optimization tool from VMware here for community.


Looks like it does the following:

  • HKCU registry keys only so it would need to run for every user. Don't know if there's a silent option. Most of this could instead be done using group policy.
  • Disables Word spelling and grammar checking
  • Disables Office autosave
  • Disables presence information in Outlook
  • Sets Office user initials to "V"
  • Disables Office and IE first run wizards
  • Disables Server Manager
  • In 2012, go straight to desktop instead of Start Menu.
  • And more... (easily discoverable by running Process Monitor)
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