256GB (16x16GB) @ 1600Mhz or 512GB (16x32GB) @ 1333Mhz?


We're looking at adding two blades to our cluster consisting of six BL460c G6 and two BL460c G7 all at 192GB.

The two scenarios include two BL460c Gen8 with E5-2970 processors. The question is the memory bandwidth. Either we get 256GB (16x16GB) @ 1600Mhz or 512GB (16x32GB) @ 1333Mhz.

We're thinking that with Windows 2012 memory requirements we should put more memory at the expense of memory bandwidth.

Do we have benchmarks or performance reports that would illustrate the difference to make an educated decision?



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

More memory is always better in my opinion at the expense of bandwidth.

The performance difference is relatively minor compared to the cost of performance of under-sizing memory on your virtual machine and can rarely be seen in real life workloads.

Plus, if you ever want to change uo from 256GB RAM it will cost a lot to replace all the DIMMs.

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